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Pranava Scientific Vastu Solution was started by Sri. R. Kiran Kumar B.E in Civil Engineering from Bangalore University, a Certified Geo Master and experienced Vastu consultant, with the sole intention of helping people in distress and offering affordable remedies.

He is a certified Pyramid Vastu expert trained under the tutelage of Sri. Jiten Patelji, the pioneer.

He is also well trained in using the Universal Aura Scanner trained under Smt. Geeta Menhem, the daughter of Sri Menhem Murthy a nuclear scientist, the inventor.

He is also an expert in handling the Lecher Antenna under the guidance of Sri.Srinivaas Suman ,Hyderabad.

At Pranava Scientific Vastu Solutions, we redirect energies subjectively and objectively, so as to achieve an equilibrium between internal or external energies, to help you attain a healthy body and a happy mind leading to health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success.

Why Choose Us?

  1. Most of the vastu consultants see and analyse the structure, we analyse the earth energies more.
  2. We are more concerned about the person living in the house and who is alive rather than non living structures.
  3. We use scientific instruments in providing solutions.
  4. Our remedies start with the energies of the Chakras of the client.
  5. We are technically qualified and are civil engineers having a skilled team.
  6. Our knowledge about energies indicate that 60 percent vastu related problems are related to earth energies and we are experts in finding and rectifying harmful earth energies.
  7. We are among the few ISO 9001 certified scientific vastu consultants in India, known for our quality services.
  8. Based out of Bangalore, we are approachable and committed to our job.
  9. We link the 5 elements of the property with the 5 elements present in the human body.
  10. We offer remedies based on the clients DNA which is a novel method.

What is Scientific Vastu?

Vaastu Shastra, a part of the Atharvaveda, lays down some scientific rules for any building. Vaastu means dwelling of Gods and Humans, in Sanskrit literature. Nature in its infinite wisdom works relentlessly to achieve balance and harmony in the sum of all its energies.

Vaastu Shastra is a set of rules laid down to achieve a balance in the energies that are associated with any human settlement or habitat. Building a house in ancient India was not only a house craft but also a sacred ceremony and the house was considered a living organism. The spirit of the house was called the Vaastu-Purusha and different cardinal directions and sectors were assigned to different Gods like Brahma, Ishwara, Agni, Varun. Wind, Yama and Demon, since the waves flowing in a particular direction have a specific influence.These rules when followed, balance your energies and help you lead a happy and contended life.

The ups and downs of modern life play a significant role in disturbing the balance of energies in humans and their dwellings. When the harmony between these elements get disturbed, our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill health with our peace of mind being destroyed.

At Pranava Scientific Vaastu Solutions, we redirect energies subjectively and objectively, so as to achieve an equilibrium between internal or external energies, to help you attain a healthy body and a happy mind leading to health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success.

The scope of Vastu Shastra, also known as Sthapatya-Veda extends to temple design, iconometry, town planning, industry, businesses,& civil engineering as well.

Difference Between Scientific Vastu and Traditional Vastu

How We Provide Scientific Vastu Solutions Without Building Demolition?

We Provide Scientific Vastu Solutions Using Chakra Scanning

Universal Thermo Scanner Instrument used to provide vastu solutions

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We are among the few ISO 9001 certified scientific vastu consultants in India, known for our quality services.

Our Services

vastu for home

Vastu Consultant For Homes, Buildings, Sites

The building you wish to buy or rent or lease can be ascertained for positivity and the type of life you are going to lead by taking the saliva sample of the client which contains DNA…

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Vastu Consultant For Business

Vastu Consultant For Business

The complete vastu of your place will be diagnosed using the universal thermo scanner. We do the chakra scanning of the client in our office. Make a plan of the property and work…

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Vastu Consultant For Career

Vastu Consultant For Career

The south east and south west energies in a house are very important for vastu solution of career. The energies have to be corrected or balanced using remedies…

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Vastu Consultant For Health

Vastu Consultant For Health

The most important aspect of vastu for health is the north and the north west direction energies has to be balanced. Especially for skin diseases and diabetes, the north directions…

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Vastu Consultant For Relationship

Vastu Consultant For Relationship

The important aspect of vastu for relationship is 3 directions northeast south west and northwest energies are important. It has to be in balance to have a very good relation…

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Vastu For Factory

Vastu Consultant For Factory

The south easts and south west and the east north east energies in a factory are very important. The energies have to be corrected or balanced using remedies…

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Vastu For Flats

Vastu Consultant For Flats

For flats, usually the flats wont be regular in shape. There will be extensions like balconies utility etc. Most of the time there will be cuts. The challenge to balance the energies…

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Vastu For Office

Vastu Consultant For Office/Shops

Shops and offices facing the east are considered good. So are north-facing ones.North-East Facing are also considered good.Shops and offices facing the west or south…

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Our Awesome Clients

“Kiran Kumar Sir was the engineer for our house. During the construction stage, 5 pyramids, one at the center and one on the four corners were kept before the flooring. The energy device was also used to find the presence of negative energy and it was nullified. These things are given a very positive result for all the members in our house. I consider Pranava Solution as the Best Vastu Consultancy In Bangalore. Thank You, Sir!!!”


“Some 2 months back I contacted Mr. Kirankumar for some vastu corrections at home and he visited our house and did chakra scanning and found out geo stress in the house. He recommended some rectification and we immediately agreed and he put some geo stress rods of 1st quality. We are getting very good and positive results now. One thing here i want to mention is to get result one has to wait for atleast 60 to 90 days and that we saw in our case. Thanks to kirankumar,meera kiran and their daughter for taking initiative. Jai gurudev”

--Muralidhar, Sri AVM Academy, Mysore

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Scientific Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips – Silver Articles

Dont keep any silver articles in the south-west of your bedroom whether it is in almera or in open space. Silver spoils the earth which may lead to lot of disturbances in family and life.

Vastu Tips – Colors

Do not put blue color in the south west corner of the house. As blue signifies water element and it spoils the earth element, which will ultimately lead to lot of indifferences in the family.

Vastu Tips – Furnitures

Do not use any iron furniture or cot in your house. As it denotes planet Shani, most of the work which you’ve started or which you’re planning to start will get delayed unnecessarily.

Vastu Tips – Direction Color

Do not use red color in the south-east direction of your house. As red represents fire and south-east represents fire, there may be lots of confusions and clash of idea. It is harmful to the ladies residing in that place.

Vastu Tips – Sleep Direction

Why we should not sleep in north direction? We have north and south pole in our body. Our north pole will repel against north of the earth and we will have lot of issues in mind, you will have headache.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Building a house in India is not only a house-craft but also a sacred ceremony and the house is considered a living organism. The spirit of the house is called the Vaastu Purusha and different cardinal directions and sectors are assigned to different Gods like Brahma, Ishwara, Agni, Varun, Vaayu, and Yama, since the waves flowing in a particular direction have a specific influence.

Eeshanya or northeast is presided over by God and is therefore suitable for a prayer room. The southeast belongs to Agni. The central space is Brahma’s and should be left open to the heavens. The head and limbs of the Vaastu Purusha are to be left alone too.

If the various activities in a house, shop, office or industry are directionally channelized as per principles of Vaastu, we begin to draw power from nature in a natural way. Once this immense force of almighty begins to support us, all our objectives will be fulfilled in an easy and effortless manner.

Many rules of Vastu are common sense as they relate to ventilation and sunlight But some like the subtle energy in natural and built environments that affect humans have also been verified and appreciated by those who did not believe in them initially.

सूर्य आत्मा जगतस्तस्थु कश्च ||

Sun is the major cosmic entity which radiates light & heat in the entire universe. It is called the soul of the universe. The principles of Vaastu allows human beings & society with an inexhaustible source of energy and thus make them live in a fully satisfied manner.

We live on earth, which nourishes all beings like a mother and is a treasure of all comforts & pleasure. The all embarrassing motherly role of the earth is best tapped by use of principles of Vastu.

In addition to Karmas in this life, two things fate and Vaastu affect the life of a person; each responsible for happiness in life. If Vaastu is poor the result as compared to efforts will be diminished even if the stars are exalted & the fate is very strong.

As against this if Vaastu is right and the planetary position is unfavorable than also the ill effects will not be so bad, as to that when both are poor. This means that if a house or industry is constructed according to Vaastu, Man’s destiny can be changed for better.

The whole universe is a composition of five basic elements, namely Fire, Air, Space, Earth and Water. Through these elements, our body receives Internal Energies in the form of Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fats etc. and External Energies in the form of Heat, Light, Sound, Wind and so on.

The basic principles of Vaastu enables us to achieve balance among these energies, giving more flexibility of body & mind for a better life. When the harmony between these elements gets disturbed our energies get dissipated in different directions leading to stress, tension and ill health and our peace of mind is destroyed.

Human body is also made of five basic elements and similarly, all the other things of the world are made of them. Therefore, the five basic elements existing inside and outside man have a constant though invisible relation which affects activities of life.

In our residence or office buildings, etc., are constructed in a well- planned manner keeping in view the effects of the five basic elements – earth, water, air, space, and fire- life can be full of more happiness and prosperity.

The Vastu Shastra explains such principles of house building according to which appropriate use of the effects of these five basic elements can be achieved by selecting land accordingly, as soil inhabits our body, similarly, our body inhabits a building. The effects of these five basic elements have been fully taken care of in the principles laid down in Vaastu Shastra, by which a residence can be made for a comfortable life and not merely for show.

Geomaster R. Kiran Kumar helps you redirect your energies subjectively as well objectively, so as to achieve an equilibrium between Internal / External Energies, to attain a healthy body and a happy mind leading to health, wealth, happiness, prosperity and success.

Yes. Both the subjects evolved based on centuries of observations of elements of this universe.

Before the discovery of the magnetic compass, ancient cultures had always used heavenly bodies and astronomical observation for locating directions. From the heavenly bodies, these cultures derived their cosmic view of life.

Vaastu Shastra is a study by ancient Chinese, Egyptian and Mayan cultures to understand the true significance of the sun, the moon, the planets, and the stars in terms of cosmic energy fields and cosmic forces at play and the resultant micro-effects on nature and human life. The rules of Vaastu Shastra were evolved out of cosmic humanitarian outlook that sought to ensure a harmonious life in tune with nature and the cosmos for the entire mankind.

It cannot be denied that Vaastu Shastra is related to astrology to some extent. If in the horoscopes of people the stars Saturn, Mars, Harshal and Neptune are prominent and if the entrance of the houses of these people are in the South they get success in their work. When the stars of the head of the family are prominent he does not feel the effects of the faulty construction to that extent. When the stars of the head the of family are under bad influence the doubly bad effects of faulty stars and faulty construction are to be borne. But when the entire structure is according to Vaastu Shastra and the stars of the head of the family are under bad influence the bad effects are reduced to a large extent due to auspicious energy.

Astrology predicts the future on the basis of strengths and deficiencies in any given horoscope. Astrological inferences are based on the relative and the combined force-fields of the planets acting on individual consciousness. Position of planets in a particular direction has effective and definite control on human endeavor and future events since it is the combination of various gravitational and allied forces, that gives rise to a particular situation.

In the same way, a house built on a particular plot has a direct correlation with the electromagnetic forces and the gravitational fields of earth and other planets together with effects of cosmic origin. Understanding of these forces and energy fields counterbalance by gravitational mass to attain dynamic balance, it is the basic philosophy of Vaastu Shastra.

Vastu purusha mandala is an intertwined form of two energies. Two sources of energies or cosmic forces are designated by symbolic nomenclature which refers to the positive or negative influence of these forces; leading to positive, comfortable and lively results, or negative retrograde and destructive results.

The positive influence is termed as (Priti Sangam) indicating the dynamic additive flow of both the forces in the direction of propagation, while the negative influence is termed as (Visha Sanchar) meaning thereby that the forces are turbulent and flow in opposite directions to each other trying to annihilate the other force.

The two sources of force and energy filled are :

  • Solar energy termed as (Pranic) energy or the cosmic energy and
  • Electromagnetic flux termed as (Jaivic) energy or organic energy.

The Vaastu Purush Mandal can be interpreted in terms of two scientific concepts :

  • Analysis of changing directional solar energy flux superimposed on North-South geo-magnetic flux and the resultant energy fields.
  • Interaction of elementary particle flux with North-South electromagnetic field lines.

The term Jaivic Urja (organic energy) in ancient scripts refers to the North-South geomagnetic flux. These field lines orient and fixes energy centers in a living organism.

This eternal flow defines, propagates and directs the ‘existence’ at a cellular level in all living entities. The Pranic Urja (Cosmic energy) refers to highly energetic solar energy flux, the intensity of which varies with the relative position of the sun with respect to the earth.

The dark portion of the solar disk indicates the relative intensity of solar flux received by the earth, i.e., from the South direction the earth receives the maximum amount of solar energy. The ‘deities’ governing various directions in Vaastu-Purush-Mandal denote the positive or negative confluence of the Jaivic Urja and Pranic Urja fluxes brought about by changing the position of the sun in its daily journey through the sky.

The South-East (Agni), South (Yama) and South-West (Gagan) are mythologically represented as (Shiv-Tandav) or the demonic dance. The North (Som), North-East (Ish) and East (Aditya) are represented as (Chid-Vilas), or the mind-play. As such, the North-East is termed as the source of all energies and the South-West is termed as the sink of all the energies. The sector connecting North-East to South-West is assumed to be the Life-diagonal or the Energy-diagonal defining the borderline between the zones of good effects and bad effects.

The gods assigned to particular directions, and names signifying their characteristics are essentially the different images and projections of the sun and the moon in their daily traverse through the sky.

East-South-West is considered as the solar kingdom and West-North-East is called the lunar kingdom. During sunrise, for the first 2- 2.5 hours, the sun provides energy for the promotion of life. It lies in the East direction and its primary energies are good for the existence of all life-forms.

The next three hours it starts radiating more and more energy in the environment and is called the state of Agni (fire). This is the time when it starts moving on its mission gradually, providing negative effects. During this period the sun lies in the South-East zone.

The next three hours, in its third phase, a complete glow, and aura of the sun start coming out with its full force and energy. This is called Yama – a scorching and devastating state of the sun. During this period, the sun lies exactly above the head i.e. in Southmid-horizon. This is the reason why the South is called the direction of Yama (Lord of death).

After giving out all its radiation, the following three hours the sun rules over the entire horizon with its complete command. This is called Gagan, a state associated with sorrow due to sun’s access thermal activity and its location in the South-West. At sunset, it cools down and directs its rays towards the moon for its night-reign.

Deities governing eight directions in Vaastu Purush Mandal

A similar but positive pattern of cosmic reality is seen in the half circle of the moon travel and accordingly, images of the goddess are assigned to the particular direction in Vaastu Purush Mandal.

Any science possesses the following characteristics.

  1. Rational: Based on cause and effect.
  2. Practical: Capable of being put into practice.
  3. Permanent: Not bound by the barriers of time.
  4. Normative: Codified and governed by principles.
  5. Utilitarian: Useful to society.
  6. Universal: Acceptable and accessible to one and all.

Vastu obliges all the above characteristics and these explanations are articulated below.

Rational: Vaastu is a systematic study of the geological impact of the rays of sun on earth. The geological conditions caused by the above impact, prove to be congenial for the construction of an ideal house. The above fact is amply proved by the fact that the residents of the houses possessing projections towards east, north and northeast tend to lead prosperous lives, while the residents of houses having wells or pits in Southeast, Southwest and Northwest often face worries and troubles. Since Vaastu reads the characteristics of the houses and explains their effects on the inhabitants in a scientific manner, we can undoubtedly say Vaastu is a science.

Practical: Vaastu is practical, as it is capable of being experimented. Those who want to construct a house, can follow the characteristics of an ideal house prescribed by Vaastu and lead carefree, happy lives there in. What all they have to do is, to follow the guidelines prescribed by Vaastu, in providing doors, windows, earth, well bathroom and toilets. Further, the above characteristics can be utilised for rectifying the existing houses, which are not built as per Vaastu and reap the advantages.

Permanent: The effect of Vaastu is permanent. This is also, because of the binding between the Earth and the Vaastu. The earth has been revolving around the sun, in a geostationary orbit for over 460 crore years. It’s due to and into it the magnetic effect caused by its rotation. Due to the magnetic properties of earth, the magnetic needle of a compass always tends towards the north. Since Vaastu is based on the permanent property of the earth, the effect of the principles of Vaastu also becomes permanent.

Normative: Vaastu prescribes certain rules and regulations, which are governed by the principles based on geological conditions and the inalienable properties of the earth. For instance, the sinking of a well in North-East, elevation of a plot in the South, are the norms prescribed by the Science of Vaastu.

Utilitarian: Any science which is not beneficial to humanity, becomes useless. Man continues to work for the invention of the items, which render his life happier and happiest. Similarly, the sole aim of Vaastu happens to be to make the lives of the individuals on earth, more and more comfortable, through habitability.

Universal: The genesis of the science of Vaastu lies in the tie between the earth and the sun. Since these two planets are of universal nature i.e. beyond religion, caste, nationality, etc., the science of Vaastu which studies their impact on human beings also becomes universal.

No, the principles of Vaastu as enumerated in old classical texts are universally applicable like sun, air and earth. They influence the lives of all human beings irrespective of place religion, caste and creed.

The rules of Vaastu Shastra are equally applicable to a self owned or rented premises without bias.

For the vaastu deficiencies of a building, both the owner and tenant are likely to suffer. Similarly a Vaastu perfect construction is bound to add to the peace, prosperity, and happiness of both parties within a few months of construction or occupancy.

In the East N-E, North N-E, West N-W and South S-W of the plots male domination is observed. In the East S-E, South, S-E, West S-W and North N-W direction of the plots female domination is observed.

For buildings with an entrance in East, S-E direction or the South, S-E direction is found to have female domination. In the buildings with the entrance in the East or the N-E direction have male domination.

In the buildings with West S-W entrance the women are always a failure. The women staying in building with North N-W entrance do not like to stay at home. These women are always going out or to outstations. The men staying in the houses with West N-W entrance have always to go outstations or to foreign countries for work. The men staying in the houses with South S -W entrance have no interest in work. They become cruel and lazy.