Scientific Vastu For Home

Here are some Vastu tips for Houses and Buildings-Leave more open space in the east and the north as compared to the south and west. Construction to be in the south-west quadrants. For multi-storeyed buildings where the set back is the same at front and rear, for a north-south situation, raise the southern side and have slope towards north. For a east-west situation raise the western side and have a slope towards east.

Tube-well/underground tank

Let the tube-well or underground tank be in the NE quadrant, avoiding the diagonal between the NE and the SW.

Overhead Tank

The best zone for the overhead tank is west. It can be put in SW; provided that there should be no leakage or overflow of water.


Have more doors, windows, and balconies in the east and the north as compared to the south and west. It is suggested that the doors and windows in the south-west should seldom be used. For balconies in the south-west, have lots of plants; do not leave the space vacant. The balconies in SW should preferably be covered with a collapsible plastic or wooden sheet.

Make the entrance door the biggest in the house.

A good ratio for a door is L: B. 2:1. The length should be twice the width. Do not have the entrance and the exit door in a straight line as then whatever comes in tends to flow out.

Puja Room

The room for puja should ideally be in the NE, East or West. The deities can be facing East or West. However, an idol of Durgaji or Hanumanji may be placed facing South.


The ideal place for a kitchen is the Southeast quadrant or the alternative is the North-West quadrant or comer. • Have sink/wash-basin along with NorthEast. • Do your cooking facing the East or West. • Keep your fridge in the North-West or west corner. • Store your rations along with South-West or West wall.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom should be in the southwest or south or west-zone. Sleep with your head towards the South; East-West is also acceptable.

Do not sleep with your head in north. The head of a body is the north, and, since like magnetic poles repel each other if you sleep with your head in the north, the electromagnetic waves in your body will get distorted and may lead to disturbed sleep and ill-health.

Children Bedroom

The NW and the SE are recommended. East, West and North rooms are also acceptable. The SW /South is to be strictly avoided. For smaller children, NE corner is also good for the bedroom.