Scientific Vastu For Health

Your health is directly connected to your environment. When your house has good vastu, your life will be harmonious, joyful, healthy, and prosperous.Good Vastu may not heal all that ails you, but it can help you become healthy both physically and mentally.

  • One area of the home that can have an adverse effect on your health is the location of your bathroom in the auspicious zone. Since it is a place of waste, according to vastu it is considered a place filled with dead aura. This negative aura polluting the positive zone can be balanced by adding corrective things like plants, vastu salt, crystal,vastu energy partitions and using bright colors to your bathroom.

    Note: One more way to protect yourself from this negative energy is to make sure that the bathroom door is always kept closed and that the toilet seat cover is always down after active use.

  • Your bedroom and bed should have a good vastu arrangement to support your personal energy. Depending upon which side you position your bed, you will have advantages or disadvantages as per vastu. Sleeping in the wrong direction may cause health problems.

  • Sleep with head towards the east: You feel energetic with a feeling of ambition and growth.

  • Sleep with the head towards the south: It promotes calmness and tranquility giving you a benefit of the sound sleep. It results in good health.

  • Sleep with head towards the west: It brings restlessness and incomplete sleep.

  • A person should never sleep with the head towards the north: According to the vastu shastra, a human body acts as a magnet with the head as a north pole. If a person sleeping with the top towards the north, the North pole of the body and the earth will repel each other, affecting the blood circulation which may cause a serious illness like high blood pressure, sleeplessness and also, a blood disorder.Mirrors in the bedroom reflecting a person while sleeping could create an energy drain problem. It brings sick energy into the bedroom causing a morning sickness.