Scientific Vastu Tips Videos

Vastu Tips – Silver Articles

Dont keep any silver articles in the south-west of your bedroom whether it is in almera or in open space. Silver spoils the earth which may lead to lot of disturbances in family and life.

Vastu Tips – Colors

Do not put blue color in the south west corner of the house. As blue signifies water element and it spoils the earth element, which will ultimately lead to lot of indifferences in the family.

Vastu Tips – Furnitures

Do not use any iron furniture or cot in your house. As it denotes planet Shani, most of the work which you’ve started or which you’re planning to start will get delayed unnecessarily.

Vastu Tips – Direction Color

Do not use red color in the south-east direction of your house. As red represents fire and south-east represents fire, there may be lots of confusions and clash of idea. It is harmful to the ladies residing in that place.

Vastu Tips – Sleep Direction

Why we should not sleep in north direction? We have a north and south pole in our body. Our north pole will repel against north of the earth and we will have a lot of issues in mind, you will have a headache.

Vastu Tips – Mobile Gadgets