Scientific Vastu For Career

In the office or workplace, have a wall at the back for support and if possible then hang a poster or painting of mountains. Wall and poster of mountains signify support and strengthens it with time.

Keep the area open and wide in front of the desk to allow new and fresh ideas to come up in mind.

Conference rooms

Conference rooms should be in the south-west corner.

Furniture for the Work area

Furniture for the Work area should preferably be made of wood, and should be square or rectangular shaped.

Sitting position

Sitting position should face east or north. You can also keep plants in the south-east corner of the room as they signify support and monetary growth. Also, make sure the lamp is placed in the south-east corner of the table to attract money and better opportunities.

Placement of Electrical Instruments

Placement of Electrical Instruments should be in the south-east direction.

The CEO’s Room

The CEO’s Room in office is the south-west direction. Also, make sure that the CEO sits in the south-west direction and faces north.