Vastu For Flats

Scientific Vastu For Flats

Main Entrance

Main Entrance should usually be in the east and north side.

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom should preferably be in the south west direction of the flat. In case, the apartment has more than one floor, then constructing the room on the south-west side on the top floor is considered auspicious for the family.

Children’s Bedroom

Children’s Bedroom should ideally be in the north-east or North West direction. Also, make sure the windows in the room are situated on the north wall. Keep the room clean, clutter-free and free from all the electronic gadgets to enhance better concentration and sharp mind in a child.

Guest Room

Guest Room should be in the north-west direction.

Drawing Room

Drawing Room should ideally be in the north-west or east direction. Also, make sure maximum furniture and decorative items are kept in the south and west directions. For open spaces and entering of sunlight, south and east direction is considered good for health.


Kitchen should be in the south-east corner of the flat and cook must face east while cooking. Avoid north-east direction for the kitchen as it can lead to damages, physically and mentally. The water taps and sink must be in the northeast part of the kitchen, and a kitchen adjacent to toilets is strictly prohibited. If there are unmarried girls in the house, then a room in the north-west direction works the best for them.