Vastu For Office

Scientific Vastu For Office

Tips for Office Vastu-Shops and offices facing the east are considered good. So are north-facing ones.North-East Facing are also considered good.Shops and offices facing the west or south are considered good for food and entertainment business.

Desk Position

The South-west corner should be used by the owner who should sit facing the east or north. The NW corner is also considered good. But a lot depends on the direction of the entrance.


Stocks should be kept along with South-West walls.

Cash Box

  • If the owner sits facings the east, the cash box should be on his right.
  • If he sits facing the north, cash box should be on his left. The safe is to open facing the North.
  • If the owner sits facing the East, the cash box should be on the right.
  • If he sits facings the North, cash box should on his left. For the owner to sit facing the south-west is not advisable.

Place for Puja

A small place for Puja should be made in the NE corner.

Kitchen/ Pantry

Pantry, Kitchen or even a heater in the South. The east corner is considered good.


For an office or a large shop, avoid having a toilet in the NE & SW.

Scientific Vastu For Shop

The concept of Vastu is important, even for the development of the shops.
  • It helps in removing the defects in the shop/showroom to increase the sales and encourage a better flow of wealth.
  • A positive environment in any shop will grab the attention of customers. Proper construction and scientific arrangement of products within the shop will develop a comfortable atmosphere for the customers.
  • We can suggest Vastu solutions and remedies such as favourable direction, placement of cash counter and other objects in the shops.