Why Choose Us?

  1. Most of the vastu consultants see and analyse the structure, we analyse the earth energies more.
  2. We are more concerned about the person living in the house and who is alive rather than non living structures.
  3. We are using a scientific instrument.
  4. Our remedies starts with the energies of the chakras of the client.
  5. We are technically qualified, we are civil engineers and have a skilled team.
  6. Our knowledge about energies indicate that 60 percent vastu related problems are related to earth energies and we are experts in finding and rectifying harmful earth energies.
  7. We are one of the few ISO9001 certified scientific vastu consultants in India issued for our quality services.
  8. Based out of Bangalore and we are approachable and committed to our job.
  9. We link the 5 elements of the property with 5 elements present in the human body.
  10. We offer remedies based on the clients DNA which is a novel method.