Scientific Vastu For Relationships

  • The door of your bedroom must be able to open to a 90 degree width to fully allow positive opportunities to enter into your life.
  • The shape of your bedroom must be either square or rectangular to bring in peace and prosperity.
  • When cooking in the kitchen, face the east because this will ensure good heath for people within the house. Try not to keep the cooking gas and the washing sink close to each other they represent fire and water – two opposite forces which are not comfortable when placed together.
  • You should not have pictures showing depressing scenes in your home.
  • Pictures of beautiful scenery, flowers, laughing children or sunrise, must be placed in the home.
  • Never keep the areas under your bed cluttered. If you have such clutter, remove it slowly so that the job of clearing the clutter does not overwhelm you. Clearing up clutter enables your subconscious mind to be calm and your sleep will not be disrupted.