Vasthu Shastra for Factories

The entrance of the Factory

The entrance of the Factory should be large and preferably on the east, north or northeast direction to attract good profits. If the factory is big have two entrances in any of the above directions to make way for profits and opportunities.

Office of the Factory

Office of the Factory should be in the north or east direction. To reap more benefits, make sure that the owner should sit facing north or east direction while negotiating deals.

Compound Wall

Compound Wall is a must. Make sure that the south and west side of the wall is not empty or vacant.

Maintenance Workshop

Maintenance Workshop should preferably be in the south or south-west direction. Avoid northeast and centre for the workshop. Also, if there are consumable stores, then they must be closer to the workshop.

Heating Equipment

Heating Equipment like Boilers, energy meters, furnaces, transformers, generators, and other equipment must be kept in a south-east direction to avoid accidents and ensure smooth working.


Temple in the factory should be built on the northeast corner. Clean the temple regularly and avoid any cluttering near the temple. Always light a lamp in the temple.


Toilets should be built in the south-east or northeast direction. If a septic tank is required, it should be placed in between north and north-west or between east and south-east direction.

Material Storage

Material Storage should be constructed in the south-west, south or west direction. You can place the semi raw material products in the south or west side and also make sure the finished goods should be taken out of the factory through north-west direction.

Light Machinery and auxiliary equipment

Light Machinery and auxiliary equipment should be positioned in the eastern or northern sides works. Avoid northeast, north-west and south-east corners for this purpose.

Placement of Pumps and Tanks

Placement of Pumps and Tanks are best located in the northeast area only. If there are overhead tanks, then west side of the factory is best suited. Avoid the south-west and northeast area for erecting an overhead water tank.